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SILU is a private high-tech enterprise specializing in LED video wall, LED display and related visualization products. The company integrates LED research and development, production and engineering, and has many years of experience and ability in research and development, production and maintenance of various LED screen products. Silu company has a wide range of products, ranging from Small pixel pitch LED displays, Indoor and outdoor rental LED displays, outdoor fixed advertising LED displays, Stadium perimeter LED displays, Transparent LED curtain displays, which are widely used in advertising, securities, stations, highways, airports, hospitals, banks, stadiums, sports venues, TV stations, control rooms, theatres and other industries. Because of its complete system, stable operation and high quality, it is well popular and widely used by customers and partners. In order to meet the market`s demand for energy-saving and environmental protection LED products, we constantly improve the level of automation of production technology and equipment, strengthen market management awareness and service concept, and strive to promote the application of ultra-bright LED visualization products in the process of human green lighting source. We are committing to provide professional products and solutions for every user all of the worlds. We not only provide our customers and partners with high-quality LED visualization products, but also provide with the excellent sale and after-sale services and technical support.

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Customer Should Know Some More Before Purchase LED Displays

Customer Should Know Some More Before Purchase LED Displays

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Check The LED Bus From Future

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"0"mm LCD Video Wall

"0"mm LCD Video Wall

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We are a global expert in LED visualization technology. We will generate revenue for your business through our superior colour fidelity LED visualization products and solutions.

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Silu company has a series of tests and quality testing equipment, products to meet different customers` requirements, possess the raw materials, auxiliary materials, semi-finished and finished products of the whole process of quality testing, implement ISO9001:2008 and GMP standards, carry out quality inspection very strictly to ensure quality products.

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