Smart Product

Smart Product

Smart Product Brief Introduction

Silu`s smart product refers to any kind of device, instrument, or machine with computing processing capacity. A fully functional intelligent device must have a sensitive and accurate perception function, correct thinking and judgment function, and effective execution function.

*Laptop Product*

Chromebook laptop smart product

*Tablet Product*

Tablet Product

Various Smart Products for Option

Smart products or intelligent equipment is a kind of highly automated mechatronics equipment. Because of its complex structure, it plays a very important role in the system, so it has high requirements for the reliability of intelligent equipment. The reliability index of electronic products is determined by the reliability of components, technical design, technological level, and technical management. To improve the reliability of products, it is necessary to master the failure law of products. Only when we have a comprehensive understanding of the failure law of products, can we take effective measures to improve the reliability of computer products.

The Typical Applications of Smart Product

At present, smart education, smart entertainment, or even smart home is just emerging, and the core of the Internet of things 1.0 era will be "technology". What most traditional manufacturers lack is the development strength of combining hardware and software. Therefore, at this stage, what we want to do is to help the public lay a good foundation with a set of efficient and fast solutions. After the foundation of the smart home, the market is initially laid, the core of the Internet of things 2.0 era will be transferred to "service".

Why Choose Silu Technology?

Silu technology and its team have over 10 years of involvement in the field of the LED product and visualization solution industry, we always focus on the latest`s advanced designing research and manufacture technology to improve product quality, high-efficient service, and technical support. All that we do or will do is to raise efficiency for our partners and clients to maximize the economic benefits in fund utilization.

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