Laptop notebook PC with Competitive Price and Quality

Laptop notebook PC with Competitive Price and Quality
Laptop notebook PC with Competitive Price and Quality
Laptop notebook PC with Competitive Price and Quality
Laptop notebook PC with Competitive Price and Quality
Laptop notebook PC with Competitive Price and Quality
Laptop notebook PC with Competitive Price and Quality

Product Details:

  • Brand:ATSILU
  • Serial Number: ATL13A-G2T
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Certificate:CE, CCC

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:USD580.00 per pc
  • Minimum Order: 10
  • Average Delivery Time:15 Days
  • Payment Method:T/T
  • Package Details:Carton Box
  • Ability to Supply:5000~10000 pcs per month
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Laptop Smart Products Item Description

ATSILU`s Laptop smart products, also known as "laptops, notebook PC, palmtops, laptop PC or laptop computer", are small in size. Compared with the desktop computer, it is a small and portable personal computer. It usually weighs 1-3kg. The current development trend is that the volume is smaller and smaller, the weight is lighter and lighter, and the function is stronger and stronger.

In order to reduce the volume, the notebook computer uses the liquid crystal display (LCD screen). In addition to the keyboard, it is also equipped with a touchpad or a pointing stick as a positioning device. The difference between laptop and desktop is portability. It has different requirements for the capacity of the motherboard, CPU, memory, graphics card, and hard disk.

Today's notebook computers are differentiating into different trends according to their uses. Netbooks tend to be used in daily office and movies; business books tend to be stable, low power consumption and get longer battery life; home books have good performance and high-cost performance, while gamebooks are designed to cater for a few people's outdoor Games; fever level configuration, good entertainment experience effect, of course, low price The battery life is not ideal.

To learn the basic knowledge of purchase, understand the purpose, and determine the budget. Each brand has different series corresponding to different user needs. It's best to go to the official website to see the introduction. The appearance should be purchased according to your preference.

Generally speaking, the processor (CPU) is divided into Intel and AMD. Intel has I3, i5, and i7, AMD has R5 and R7. According to their own needs to purchase, you can choose the largest brand on the mainland or choose a customized type. ATSILU are new and will be well-known brands in the Customized market, with a wide range of products and various types, which can meet different needs. size Notebook size is generally in 11-17 inches, the most common is 14-15 inches, is also the most sold. It's good to use 15 inches at home and good to use 14 inches in the mainstream. About 13 inches is just right, and it's not heavy. 17 inches doesn't need too much. Generally, a 14-15 inch notebook is a good choice. Although the 15-inch notebook is only one-side larger than the 14-inch notebook, air circulation in internal space will be better.

Try to buy according to your actual needs. Memory Daily 8g, larger 16g or 32g. Hard disk Choose solid-state hard disk as much as possible.

With the same configuration, the same function, thinner body, and lighter weight, such a laptop can truly reflect the so-called "notebook" feeling. Thin netbooks generally do not use a built-in CD-ROM drive, cable interface (some computers do not have a numeric keypad). Wireless local area network (WLAN), Bluetooth, and other functions have long been popular, and the size is also lightweight. However, the high configuration is not without cost.

We ATSILU Technology believe that the price of such a high configuration ultra-thin laptop is not necessarily amiable. Notebook series launched a super notebook, this notebook is not only high configuration, can meet the needs of more professionals, but also convenient to carry.

According to the size, weight, and positioning of notebook computers, notebook computers can be generally divided into seven categories: desktop PC replacement type, mainstream type, lightweight type, ultra-portable type, game type, tablet type, and two-in-one laptop computer type.

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