P2.4mm Indoor LED Display High-Resolution Die-casting Aluminium LED Screen Wall Display Panel

P2.4mm Indoor LED Display High-Resolution Die-casting Aluminium LED Screen Wall Display Panel
P2.4mm Indoor LED Display High-Resolution Die-casting Aluminium LED Screen Wall Display Panel
P2.4mm Indoor LED Display High-Resolution Die-casting Aluminium LED Screen Wall Display Panel
P2.4mm Indoor LED Display High-Resolution Die-casting Aluminium LED Screen Wall Display Panel
P2.4mm Indoor LED Display High-Resolution Die-casting Aluminium LED Screen Wall Display Panel

Product Details:

  • Brand:SILU
  • Serial Number: SS024N1
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Certificate:CE,CCC,RoHS,FCC*

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:USD1580.00~USD3160.00 Per m²
  • Minimum Order: 1 m²
  • Average Delivery Time:20 Days
  • Payment Method:T/T
  • Package Details:Flight Case,Wooden Case,Carton Box
  • Ability to Supply:600 m² Per Month
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P2.4mm Indoor LED Display High-Resolution Die-casting Aluminium LED Screen Wall Display Panel

2.0mm fine pixel pitch LED display, 1,000nits+ brightness, 3840Hz+ refresh rate

  • Indoor high definition LED video screen
  • Lightweight die-casting aluminium LED panel
  • Indoor top-level SMD LED lamp
  • High refresh MBI/CH driving IC
  • Advanced GOB technology*
  • 4K, 8K resolution support easily

Silu`s P2.4mm Indoor LED Display is an extra LED display product of our P2.xmm series, which is designed for special requests on pixel pitch high-end markets with the high-definition resolution, and delivering a crisp, high contrast image using the high-quality black LEDs and black solder mask to enable the deepest level of black visual effect.

The P2.4mm high-resolution LED screen panel is the 240mmx240mm size with the same module frame family like our P1.875mm, P2.0mm, P2.5mm and P3mm, it offers a more than 160 degree wide viewing angle and delivers excellent off-axis uniformity and fidelity colours while advanced calibration provides maximum full colour and brightness uniformity with no visible seams.

P2.4mm Indoor LED Display LED Module Configuration

  • Famous Nationstar/Cree*/Nicha* SMD LED Lamps
  • 2-Layer Circuit Board
  • MBI5153/CH2153 High Refresh Driving ICs
  • GOB Technology Mask LED Module (if need)*
  • Front and Back Access*

P2.4mm Indoor LED Display LED Module

*P2.4mm Indoor LED Display 240x240mm LED Module Pic. 01*

P2.4mm Indoor LED Display LED Module

*P2.4mm Indoor LED Display 240x240mm LED Module Pic. 02*

P2.4mm Indoor LED Display LED Cabinet Configuration

  • Die-casting Aluminium Lightweight LED Cabinet
  • A 480mmx480mm LED Cabinet
  • Famous Meanwell Narrow 5V40A Power Supply
  • Nova or Colorlight Receiving Card* (Option)
  • Signal & Power Integration Interfaces

P2.4mm Indoor LED Display LED Cabinet

*P2.4mm Indoor LED Display 480x480mm LED Cabinet Pic. 01*

P2.4mm Indoor LED Display LED Video Wall

*P2.4mm Indoor LED Display Large LED Video Wall Pic. 02*

P2.4mm Indoor LED Display Description

Silu`s P2.4mm Indoor LED Display is also an interactive LED product to match any of indoor visualization solutions, the P2.4mm HD indoor LED display screen wall is a completely seamless splicing type for mounting a large LED video wall in any of indoor places both can for hanging or installed on the wall.

The P2.4mm indoor large LED video wall display board is designed for long-duty cycles and is available with a redundant video and power option to ensure continuous operation for mission-critical applications.

  • Fast and Precise Assembling: More efficient installation with latching connection device.
  • Mechanical Design: Comes with die-casting aluminium LED cabinet with a slim profile and light weight is easy and fast to install, maybe can save place and labour cost.
  • Leading-Edge Calibration: Gives the audience better viewing experience.

Realistically Brilliant Picture Quality

Silu`s P2.4mm fine pixel pitch series LED display offers an ideal combination of superior picture quality and intuitive usability, it combines our leading video processing technologies with High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement to add clarity and sophistication to featured content-all within a compact, easy-to-maintain design.

High Performance and Upgradeable Visual Product

It is possible to upgrade or change to the 1.875mm, 2.0mm, 25mm, 3.0mm and high-end model by replacing the module only while using the LED display product. The P2.4mm indoor LED display product can be changed in size if desired by consumers.

Lightweight LED Cabinet, Easy Install and Repair

It is made of 480mmx480mm die-casting aluminium LED cabinet, which easily connects multiple cabinets to form a large LED screen wall. It is manufactured with excellent heat problems solving design and does not cause heat generation problem. Electricity consumption is about 110W per cabinet, so there is no electric problem.

Silu has large-scale production facilities. It can be installed immediately on the date the customer wishes, and it does not take much time to install. Silu surely is committed to the end of the product is providing the best service to all customers.

You can repair the led modules, front and rear simultaneously. When installing the product, it can be attached directly to the wall.

Versatile And Efficient Operations

The P2.4mm Indoor LED Display is user-friendly design type, which allows for a faster, tidier and more cost-efficient activation. Our new LED Signage Box transmits UHD content across multiple screens from a single source without requiring an expensive splitter or multiple external boxes. Users also can leverage existing cable structures to easily configure signal redundancy. Likewise, the integrated Samsung MagicInfo content platform makes content creation, scheduling and deployment across the P2.4mm Indoor LED Display easier.

Durable, Long-lasting Performance

Silu`s P2.4mm Indoor LED Display leverage an energy-efficient cabinet design, featuring advanced temperature and ventilation management capabilities, to ensure uninterrupted performance even when faced with variable environmental conditions. A fanless design further helps prolong the display`s overall lifespan by minimizing the impact of dust and rigid particle exposure. Users also can leverage the LED Signage Manager to quickly identify common performance errors, ranging from LED dot disruptions and power fluctuations to temperature irregularities.

Application Occasions

This P2.4mm high-definition indoor fine pixel pitch LED screen can be used in a variety of application occasions, for example, lighting shows, concerts, wedding, events, shopping malls, entertainment and sport venues, schools, government, trade fair, exhibition, press conference, meeting rooms, cinemas, airports, hotels, station, stadium and variety of public places.

Other Key Benefits

  • Excellent image quality, wide viewing angles
  • Lowest weight in its class
  • Minimum installation costs
  • Simple precision supporting steel required
  • Ultimate excellent and reliability
  • Rental and fixed indoor installation
  • Advanced web-based setup, monitoring and control

P2.4mm Indoor LED Display Specification

P2.4mm Indoor HD LED Display
Pixel Pitch 2.4mm
LED Brand Nationstar or Cree or Nichia
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B
Pixel Density 173,611 Pixels/m²
LED Module 240mm x 240mm (9.45" x 9.45")
100 pixels x 100 pixels
LED Cabinet 480mm x 480mm (18.9"x20.2")
(200 pixels x 200 pixels)
Material: Aluminum
Steel: *
Aluminum: < 6.8Kg (< 15 Lbs)
Working Voltage AC220V±10%; AC110V±10%
Power Consumption Average 430W/m² / Max 905W/m²
Maximum Brightness > 1,000 cd/m²
Refresh Frequency > 3840Hz/S
Change Frame Frequency 60Hz~ >60Hz
Drive Mode 1/25 Scanning
Total Colors 281 Trillion Colors
Grade Level RGB 65536 Grade
Best Viewing Distance 2m~>50m (6ft~>150ft)
Best Viewing Angle Horizontally 160° / Vertically 160°
Screen Lifetime > 100,000 hours
Protection Level Front IP43 / Rear IP31
Control System ¹ Simple LED Video Control System or Advanced LED Video Processor
Ambient Temperature -40°C ~ 60°C (-30°F ~ 150°F)
Relative Humidity 10%~90%
Input Signal RF S-Video RGB RGBHV YUVYC etc.
Brightness Adjustment 256 levels of each colour (RGB) can be adjusted manually and 8 levels of each colour can be adjusted automatically. Optional control system: 256 levels of each colour can be adjusted 100% automatically. (8bit / 16bit / 18bit / 24bit)
Package Material Wooden Case / Flight Case
Warranty ³ 2 Years (3 Years for Cree and Nichia)
  1. WIFI/LAN/WAN/3G/WIMAX control system is available upon request.
  2. The intelligent multifunctional card is available with an automatic brightness sensor to save energy including an outside temperature sensor.
  3. Three years warranty extension program available for High Definition 2.4mm Pixel Pitch P2.4mm Indoor LED Display.

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