P4mm Outdoor LED Display SMD1921 High-Definition Performance LED Screen Video Wall

P4mm Outdoor LED Display SMD1921 High-Definition Performance LED Screen Video Wall
P4mm Outdoor LED Display SMD1921 High-Definition Performance LED Screen Video Wall
P4mm Outdoor LED Display SMD1921 High-Definition Performance LED Screen Video Wall
P4mm Outdoor LED Display SMD1921 High-Definition Performance LED Screen Video Wall
P4mm Outdoor LED Display SMD1921 High-Definition Performance LED Screen Video Wall
P4mm Outdoor LED Display SMD1921 High-Definition Performance LED Screen Video Wall

Product Details:

  • Brand:SILU
  • Serial Number: SS040W1
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Certificate:CE,CCC,RoHS,FCC*,EMC*

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:USD1680.00~USD3680.00 Per m²
  • Minimum Order: 1 m²
  • Average Delivery Time:20 Days
  • Payment Method:T/T
  • Package Details:Flight Case,Wooden Case,Carton Box
  • Ability to Supply:600 m² Per Month
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P4mm Outdoor LED Display High-Definition Performance LED Screen Video Wall

4.0mm pixel pitch LED display, 5,500 nits brightness, 1920Hz+ refresh rate, HD performance outdoor LED Screen Video Wall

  • Outdoor HD LED screen
  • Seamless combination design
  • Outdoor waterproof 
  • Free splicing approaches

Silu`s P4mm Outdoor LED Display is particularly suited to various outdoor high-performance video wall applications.  The P4mm outdoor led screen wall delivers high contrast ratio, superior colour fidelity and mechanical accuracy combine impeccably to form the ultimate high-resolution P4mm outdoor led video screen. This 4mm pixel pitch outdoor led display is used for rental as well as fixed installations.

Silu`s P4mm Outdoor LED Display offers high-resolution images, it is mainly used for outdoor areas like big events, live concerts, wedding, events, festivals, stage performances, trade shows and many more. The P4mm outdoor LED display screen is lightweight and is quite popular among masses. It is appreciated for its picture quality in national as well as international market. Silu offers the product at best prices and assures that the customer gets the delivery on time, without any delay. All our products pass through the stringent quality checks to avoid any damage during transit.

P4mm Outdoor LED Display LED Module Configuration

  • Top Level Famous Brand Black SMD LED Lamps
  • 2 Layers 1.6mm Thickness Class-A PCB
  • CH2153/2038S or MBI5124 Performance Driving ICs
  • Strictly Selected Module Frame and Mask
  • Advanced Production Technology

P4mm Outdoor LED Display LED Module

*P4mm Outdoor LED Display LED Module Pic. 01*

P4mm Outdoor LED Display LED Screen Module

*P4mm Outdoor LED Display LED Module Pic. 02*

P4mm Outdoor LED Display LED Cabinet Configuration

  • Die-Casting Aluminum Material Frame (Rental or Fixed)
  • Steel or Aluminum Material Cabinet (Fixed)
  • Meanwell Power Supply
  • Nova Receiving Card* (Option)
  • Pure Copper Wire Cables
  • IP65/IP67 Grade Waterproof

P4mm Outdoor LED Display LED Panel LED Cabinet

*P4mm Outdoor LED Display LED Cabinet Pic. 01*

P4mm Outdoor LED Display Description

Silu`s Outdoor P4mm LED Display is a dynamic way to display content, advertising, video and live feeds around an event concourse, attracting eyeballs from far away and providing a pixel-perfect experience when visitors are located in close proximity to the screen. It has a pixel pitch of just 4mm, which means that it retains excellent clarity even when visitors are located near-by. It is also comprised of a modular system that is ideal for building a screen of any shape or size, for festivals, outdoor events, weddings and exhibitions which require a large screen display.

High Brightness 5,500 nits+ (up to 8000 nits)

High brightness reaching the audience from far away and working a long time without the fault. High Resolution and Ultra High Brightness output ensure to deliver superb contrast levels, even in the brightness of sunlight.

High-Definition High-Performance Design

Based on high-quality LEDs with a small pixel pitch, the P4mm Outdoor LED Screen is specifically designed to your guarantee for a reliable product that ensures the most severe outdoor conditions. 

Ultimate Image Quality

The versatile P4mm HD LED display offers high-quality scaling, an unlimited pixel count (through the stacking of multiple processors), auto redundancy and 16-bit processing per colour. Its hermetically sealed and fanless design guarantees crisp images at all times. 

Silu`s P4mm Outdoor LED Display is available in a Semi Knock Down Format. The die-casting aluminium chassis is common across the range and can be shipped independently of the actually LED modules. Its benefits include lower shipping costs, quicker delivery time. The LED display may be upgraded by simply replacing the LED modules and retaining the chassis.

Waterproof Coating IP65 (up to IP67)

Silu`s outdoor LED display has a protection layer with the waterproofing capacity. New ultra design, suitable for an outdoor live show, brightness adjustable facing the sunshine directly.

High Brightness with High Gray Level, Great Display Performance

Adopt high-quality LED blackbody SMD lamp with a black mask, the brightness is more than 5,500 nits and the contrast ratio is up to 4200: 1, and the picture is clearer and more vivid.

Support All Media Format

Also support DVI/HDMI/3G/HD/SDI display mode, applicable for the TV program, VCD/DVD and live show. Smart mode available (optional) to monitor the overall working hours and temperature of each cabinet.

160° Large Viewing AngleWidest Viewing Angle

When an LED Display is viewed off Axis, vertically or horizontally, the viewing angle becomes an important factor to consider. As the viewpoint moves to an acute angle in relation to the screen, the brightness and colour may become compromised. The point where the brightness drops to 50% of the on-axis brightness, or when the colour begins to shift, determines the maximum viewing angle. Silu`s LED display products are designed to maximize viewing angles and reduce colour shift, ensuring the best off-axis viewing experience. Our LED display product range boasts extra-wide viewing angles, with exceptional picture quality from all directions.

P4mm Outdoor LED Display Specification

P4mm Outdoor Performance LED Display
Pixel Pitch 4.0mm
LED Brand Epistar or Cree* or Nichia*
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B
Pixel Density 62,500 Pixels/m²
LED Module 256mm x 128mm (10" x 5")
64 pixels x 32 pixels
LED Cabinet 512mm x 512mm (20.2"x20.2") or 768mm x 768mm (30.2"x30.2")
(128 pixels x 128 pixels or 192 pixels x 192 pixels)
Material: Steel or Aluminum
Steel: < 15Kg or 36Kg (< 33 Lbs or 79 Lbs) 
Aluminum: < 11Kg or 23Kg (< 24 Lbs or 50 Lbs )
Working Voltage AC220V±10%; AC110V±10%
Power Consumption Average 560W/m² / Max 1145W/m²
Maximum Brightness > 5,500 cd/m²
Refresh Frequency > 1920Hz/S
Change Frame Frequency 60Hz~ >60Hz
Drive Mode 1/8 Scanning
Total Colors 281 Trillion Colors
Grade Level RGB 4096 Grade
Best Viewing Distance 4m~>100m (13ft~>328ft)
Best Viewing Angle Horizontally 160° / Vertically 140°
Screen Lifetime > 100,000 hours
Protection Level Front IP65 / Rear IP54
Control System ¹ Simple LED Video Control System or Advanced LED Video Processor
Ambient Temperature -40°C ~ 60°C (-30°F ~ 150°F)
Relative Humidity 10%~90%
Input Signal RF S-Video RGB RGBHV YUVYC etc.
Brightness Adjustment 256 levels of each colour (RGB) can be adjusted manually and 8 levels of each colour can be adjusted automatically. Optional control system: 256 levels of each colour can be adjusted 100% automatically. (8bit / 16bit / 18bit / 24bit)
Package Material Wooden Case / Flight Case
Warranty ³ 3 Years (5 Years for Cree and Nichia)
  1. WIFI/LAN/WAN/3G/WIMAX control system is available upon request.
  2. The intelligent multifunctional card is available with an automatic brightness sensor to save energy including an outside temperature sensor.
  3. Three years warranty extension program available for HD Performance P4mm Outdoor LED Display.

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