Airport LED display Projects

Airport LED display projects

What kind of LED Display can be used for airports? many and many users want to know it clearly. So now, let's talk something more about the LED Displays for airports.


We congratulation first that SILU Group has won more than 1000 sqm LED Display projects in Indonesia, some led displays are P4mm for indoor usage, some are P10mm for outdoor usage and some are LCD splicing screen for indoor usage.


For Indoor usage LED Displays, we should know where the LED Display will be installed and what the user wants to show on the LED Display? After we get the answers to the 2 questions, we will have a solution in mind. For instance, indoor LED Display in the airport can be used to show advertising videos, flight information, traffic information and etc. LED Display will be installed in or against the walls, so the LED Display should can be maintained from the front side, that's the key point, than, always we will make sure the passengers can read the contents clear that showing on the LED Displays, so the airport LED Display pixel pitch will be around 4mm, that means, passengers can read the contents during a distance from 2 mitres to 10 meters, that's the basic request for the LED Display solution. Meanwhile, the LED Displays should be the high-end level products, cause the operating time will be more than 18hoursa  day by 7 days working, so the LEDs we will use must be a quality and functions type.


For Outdoor LED Displays, installed like billboards in or out the airport (airport LED display), they are major used for showing advertising videos or images for passengers who come and leave, so the LED Display should get a viewing distance from 10 meters to 100 meters, waterproof and dustproof are the basic requests If the airport is located near to the ocean, we should consider the Iron cabinet can be anti-corrosion. Conventional LED Displays can be used as outdoor billboards, especially the users have a high quality and configuration demand.


For LCD Video Wall, which can be installed in the control room of the airport authority, the screen should be used together with CCTV. We will not choose small pixel pitch LED Displays to instead of the LCDs for cost consideration.


Now, let's wait and see the photos of the completed project soon.

Airport LED display projects

Airport LED display projects

Airport LED display projects

Airport LED display Airport LED Screen Airport LED Video Wall projects

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