The 3D-LED Display Technology Development in LED Display Screen

The 3D-LED Display Technology Development in LED Display Screen

The key problem to be solved when time-sharing technology is applied to the LED display system is synchronization. Now the solutions to this problem are introduced below. In order to apply time-sharing technology to the 3D LED Video Wall LED display system, wireless transmitter and stereo synchronous glasses should be added.

The wireless transmitting device is connected with the computer and collects the displayed frame signal. The spare delay module can set the frame signal of the left and right eyes for a certain delay of the wireless transmitting mode, and send it through the wireless transmitting module.

The 3D-LED Display Technology

The block can use the infrared transmitting module or the Bluetooth module. The wireless receiving module of stereo synchronous glasses covers the right eye of the viewer after receiving the frame synchronization signal of the left eye, and the left eye of the viewer after receiving the frame synchronization signal of the right eye.

The continuous picture is synthesized by utilizing the temporary characteristics of human vision. After calculating the interval between the frame synchronization signal generated by the computer and the refresh time of the display screen, the value is assigned to the delay module of the wireless transmitter module, which solves the synchronization problem between the stereo glasses and the LED display screen.

Another point worth mentioning is that the human eye's ability to respond to continuous images is 24 frames per second, so using time-sharing technology, we need to set the frame frequency of the video source to more than 48 frames, which can be easily achieved for general display devices.

The cost is low, so it is only necessary to add two devices to achieve a better solution for the LED display of the 3D image LED display.

3D image LED display

The 3D-LED Display Technology Development in LED Display Screen

Time-sharing technology can display 3D effect of LED display screen, whether in the 3D LED screen video wall display effector in the cost-effective application of 3D display technology on the LED display screen has certain advantages, the current stereo image has gradually unveiled the 3D LED screen video wall display mysterious veil, but how to better display the 3D image, and how to make viewers see the 3D image more simply, is still unknown. To achieve this goal, the grating LED display is needed. In summary,

The program source and colour separation technology, spectroscopy technology or grating technology used in time-sharing technology are different. Each frame has only one picture for the left eye or the right eye. Therefore, the pictures of the left eye and the right eye are not repeated with Figure 4 as an example but are continuous. The left and right pictures are two slightly different pictures. The left pictures are given to the left eye by the previous frame, and the right pictures are given to the right eye by the latter frame. Then the images with 3D depth of field are formed by fusion in the human brain.

Time-sharing technology can only see light in one eye at any time, but it does not lose brightness due to the visual temporary characteristics of human eyes, and time-sharing technology does not need to do with the original LED display system.

However, stereo images can be seen without glasses, but there are certain requirements for the position of the viewer; the other three ways cannot be separated from the help of glasses so far, so they can display 3D effects, but the 3D effect LED display screen is not suitable for outdoor applications according to its principle, such as cinemas, shopping malls, conferences in many indoor applications.

3D effect LED display screen

Halls and so on are places where they can show their skills. It is hoped that in the near future, the LED display screen which can display 3D images can be developed more and more mature, and eventually industrialized into people's eyes.

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