Silutech LED Visualization Products Quality Service and Support

Silutech LED Visualization Products Quality Service and Support

Quality is the basis for enterprise survival and development. To improve product quality, all staff must participate. Every employee has the duty and responsibility to do a good job in product quality, and firmly establish quality awareness, strictly control and implement the product operation process. Leaders and employees are required to devote themselves wholeheartedly to product quality management and to instil quality objectives into the hearts of each employee. Mainly is the production process, 5S site management, shipment inspection (OQC) to control, so as to ensure the overall quality of Silutech LED Visualization Products.

Silutech LED Visualization Products Quality Service and Support

Silutech quality control of the production process:

Call on all employees, workshop directors to participate in quality management activities. Every process of responsibility is implemented for people. Operators are strictly required to do a good job of a product by self-inspection first, and then by the workshop director, and then by the quality inspection commissioner or inspection, to eliminate the occurrence of non-conforming products, and not allow a non-conforming product to flow into the next process. Every workshop must make a strict distinction among inspected products, qualified products and defective products to prevent confusion. The products in the workshop must be neatly arranged and kept clean and dry. Every workshop must standardize its operation and strictly refrain from producing substandard products, accepting substandard products and transmitting substandard products.

Shipment inspection is a summary of the products produced. Through the review of the performance indicators of the whole product, whether to meet the customer's needs and expectations of satisfaction. It must be inspected in strict accordance with the company's standards and customer requirements. Do not miss an inspection, do not hand over defective products, do not accept non-conforming products. The qualified rate is 100%.

Silutech quality control

(1) Select industrial-grade integrated circuit chips whose working temperature is between - 40 ~80 C to prevent the low temperature in winter from making the four-way chips of LED display unable to start.

(2) In order to ensure long-distance visibility under strong ambient light, ultra-high brightness light-emitting four-way diodes must be selected.

(3) The display medium uses a new type of wide-angle tube with wide-angle of view, pure colour and uniform coordination of four-way chips, with a life of more than 100,000 hours. The outer packaging of display medium is the most popular square cylinder with shield, silicone seals and non-metallized assembly. Its appearance is exquisite and beautiful, durable, and has the characteristics of direct sunlight protection, dust prevention, waterproof, high-temperature protection and short circuit protection.

(4) The screen and the joint of the screen and the building must be strictly waterproof and leak-proof; the screen should have good drainage measures, once water accumulation occurs, it can be discharged smoothly;

(5) Install lightning arresters on display screens and buildings. The main body and shell of the LED electronic display screen are well grounded, and the grounding resistance is less than 3 ohms so that the high current caused by lightning can be released in time.

(6) Install ventilation equipment to cool down, so that the internal temperature of the screen body is between - 10 ~40 C. Axial fan is installed behind and above the screen body to exhaust heat and prolong the life of four-way LED display.

quality LED video wall display

Quality Culture Construction

Quality management always emphasizes the mentality of everyone. To do a good job of quality, we must first have the correct mentality. Then we must conscientiously do everything well and get rid of the "careless" in our work so as to form a quality culture and quality concept. Quality is made by people. If people deviate from the quality concept or attitude, then the quality system will be improved and the quality control method will be improved. No matter how advanced it is, it is useless.

Matters needing attention

LED products quality management mainly depends on our ideas and attitudes about quality. When everyone in an enterprise does this, the best quality culture comes into being, which is also the ultimate goal of our management.

In summary, LED display is in a stage of rapid development and growth. I believe that in the near future, LED display will be applied in more fields. At the same time, a variety of new products of LED display will emerge in the market, which will bring consumers better, more convenient and more energy-saving LED display.

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