Silutech LED Display Sales Service and Support

Silutech LED Display Sales Service and Support

Long-term valuable things: word-of-mouth building, brand building, strategic value and so on, these are the trend of the enterprise, is the action of the enterprise's long-term market position.

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(1) Establishment of Word-of-mouth SiluTech

To build public praise, the most important thing is to close the distance with consumers and get their favour.

The simplest and most effective way is to increase the chances of consumers product experience and brand feeling through some special public relations activities. In particular, in unexpected circumstances, consumers take the initiative to contact them, increase their brand association and brand participation.

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(2) Silu Brand Building

Brand building and word-of-mouth building are mutually reinforcing. They are all to occupy consumers brains. However, word-of-mouth focuses more on "being kind to others" and on getting good impressions. Brand, the emphasis is to establish a value and spread the sense of value.

(3) Silu Strategic Value

At one time, ice cream companies seldom advertised outside summer. But the "anti-season marketing strategy" of a brand, which starts advertising in winter, peaks in spring and stops gradually in summer, has achieved great success both in terms of cost and effect. This is the off-season marketing strategy with strategic vision. When entering the peak season, it occupied the strategic commanding heights ahead of time. Eventually, this strategic behaviour evolved into an industry marketing model. This is the high-end realm of off-season marketing.

Prepare for peak season marketing (Silutech LED Display Sales Service and Support)

"Making profits in peak season and gaining momentum in the off-season", but the ultimate goal of enterprises is to make profits, and gaining momentum also serves this ultimate goal. In addition, the off-season is the off-season at the end of the season, "rush for increments in peak season, rush for decreases in the off-season", "increment" is always greater than "decreases". It is always easier to take "increments" than to grab food from an opponent naked. Moreover, off-season marketing is sometimes unpaid. A very simple example: Winter spends several times the effort to sell refrigerators, grabbing maybe summer business.

Therefore, the off-season market is never the main battlefield against rivals. Attention to off-season marketing aims, in addition to the above mentioned appropriate promotion of sales and the pursuit of long-term interests, mainly for the peak season service. The gains of "the enemy's defeat and self-defeat" are only strategic gains and tactical shocks, and the persistence of long-term interests is only the need for sustainable business operation of enterprises.

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So, how Silu to prepare for the peak season?

1) Focus on pioneering marketing work

In the peak consumption season, the limited sales staff of enterprises can only serve limited customers through limited sales channels. Under the fatigue of established channels and established customer business, there is little energy and time to develop new channels and new customers. In the off-season, if we just wait for the peak season to come, the best result is that when the peak season arrives, the sales channels and customers remain at the original level and sales performance stagnates. More likely, it is because of the increase in competitors or the marketing progress of competitors. When the new peak season arrives, the original sales channels shrink, customers decrease and sales performance decreases dramatically. 。

Therefore, in the off-season, besides the analysis, classification and management of existing customers, enterprises should actively explore new marketing channels, develop new customers and markets, at the same time, sum up experience and lessons, plan the next market development program, and train marketing personnel.

(2) Testing consumers'acceptance of product price and value

Consumers tend to be more sensitive to their own spending and product prices in the off-season, so this is the best time to test product price and value acceptance. Test consumers'acceptance of new products and prices for large-scale national promotional activities when the peak season comes. The experience of Nestle's marketing staff is: "If consumers can accept the new products you offer and the price of new products in the off-season, the marketing activities of new products in the peak season will be relatively simple. "

Generally speaking, testing marketing in the off-season has low risk and will not have a great impact on the original product mix of enterprises. At the same time, the cost of channels, advertising and logistics is relatively much lower.

(3) Inventory level adjustment

Excessive inventory is a huge financial pressure and operational risk for enterprises. If they are in the hands of distributors, they are likely to cut prices dramatically to clean up their inventory in order to reduce inventory pressure. However, when the peak season comes, the inventory level is too low, which may cause enterprises to be unable to grasp the sudden growth of demand.

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