LED Screen Elementary Knowledge Part 4.

LED Screen Display Elementary Knowledge Part 4.

37. How many points (LED pixel) can control system control?

Communication screen A card: monochrome and bichrome 1024 *64; Communication screen B card: monochrome: 896 *512 bichrome: 896 *256; DVI bichrome screen: 1280 *768; DVI full-color screen: 1024 *512

LED Screen Display UHD

38. What is a non-linear correction?

If the digital signal output by the computer is not corrected, the colour distortion will appear on the LED display screen. So in the system control circuit, the signal needed by the display screen is calculated by a non-linear function. Because the relationship between the front and back signals is non-linear, we often call it a non-linear correction.

39. What is the rated operating voltage? What is the working voltage? What is the supply voltage?

The rated working voltage refers to the voltage when the voltage is in normal operation; the working voltage refers to the voltage value of the electrical appliances in normal operation within the rated voltage range: the supply voltage is divided into AC and branch supply voltage. Our actual AC supply voltage is AC220V--240V and the DC supply voltage is generally 5V DC12V solar power supply is generally 12V.

40. What is the LED colour distortion?

It refers to the difference between the visual perception of the human eye and the display of the same object in nature.

41. What is a synchronous system and an asynchronous system?

Synchronization and synchronization are relative to the computer. The so-called synchronization system refers to the control system of the LED display screen which displays the contents of the display screen synchronously with the computer display screen. The synchronization system refers to storing the computer edited display data in the control system of the display screen beforehand, and the normal display of the LED display screen will not be affected after the computer shuts down. Asynchronous control system

42. What is blind spot detection technology?

Through the upper software and the lower hardware, the blind spot (open and short circuit of the LED) on the display screen can be detected, and a report can be made to the administrator of the LED screen. Such technology is called blind spot detection technology.

43. What is power detection?

Through the upper software and the bottom hardware, it can detect the working status of each power supply on the display screen, and form a report to the LED screen manager. Such technology is called power supply detection technology.

44. What is a static drive? What is scan driver? What is the difference between the two?

The control of "point-to-point" from the output foot of driving IC to the pixel point is called static drive, and the control of "point-to-column" from the output foot of driving IC to the pixel point is called scanning drive. It needs a line control circuit. It can be clearly seen from the diving board that static drive does not need a line control circuit, which has a high cost, good display effect, good stability and loss of brightness. Scanning driver needs control circuit, but the cost is low, the display effect is poor, the brightness loss is large, etc.

45. What is a multimedia card?

The special display card not only has the basic function of the computer display card but also outputs the digital RGB signal, line, field, blanking and other signals to the main control board.

46. What is the remote control? Under what circumstances?

The so-called long distance is not necessarily long distance. The remote control includes the main control terminal and the controlling terminal in a local area network, but the space distance is not far; and the main control terminal and the controlling terminal in a relatively long space distance, two kinds of customer requirements or according to the customer control position beyond the distance directly controlled by optical fibre, then the remote control is used.

47. What is optical fibre transmission? What is wire transmission?

Optical fibre transmission is to convert electrical signals into optical signals, which are transmitted by transparent glass fibres, and wire transmission is to transmit electrical signals directly by metal wires.

48. Under what circumstances should we use the cable? Under what circumstances is optical fibre used?

When the wiring distance between the display screen and the control computer is less than 100 meters, it is transmitted by network cable; when the distance between the two is less than 500 meters and more than 100 meters, it is transmitted by multimode optical fibres, and when the distance is more than 500 meters, it is transmitted by single mode optical fibres.

HD Smaller Pixel Pitch

49. What is LAN control? What is Internet Control?

In the LAN, one computer controls another computer or connects to other external devices. This control method is called LAN control. The main controller achieves the control purpose through the IP address of the controller in the Internet network, which is called Internet control.

50. What is DVI? What is VGA?

DVI is the abbreviation of Digital Video Interface, i.e. Digital Video Interface. It is a universal digital video signal interface in the world.

51. What is a digital signal LED? What is a digital circuit?

Digital signal means that the value of the signal amplitude is discrete, and the value of the signal amplitude is limited to two finite values of 0 and 1. The circuit for processing and controlling this kind of Western signal is called a digital circuit.

LED Panel

52. What is the analogue signal and what is the analogue circuit?

Analog signal means that the value of the signal amplitude is continuous in time; the circuit that processes and controls this kind of signal is called analogue circuit.

53. What is a PCI slot?

The PCI slot is an extension slot based on PCI local bus (PEDPHERD component interconnect, peripheral component extension interface). The PCI slot is the main expansion slot of the motherboard. By inserting different expansion cards, almost all the external functions can be achieved by computers at present.

54. What is an AGP slot?

Accelerate the graphics interface. AGP is an interface specification that allows 3D graphics to be displayed faster on ordinary personal computers. AGP is an interface designed to transmit 3D graphics faster and more smoothly. He uses the main memory of ordinary personal computers to refresh the display images and supports 3D graphics technologies such as texture mapping, zero buffering and alpha mixing.

55. What are GPRS and GSM? What is CDMA?

GPRS is a new carrier service developed on the existing GSM system through the General Packet Radio service, which is mainly used for radio communication. GSM is the abbreviation of the "Global System for Mobile Communication" standard (Global Mobile Communication System), which was unified by the European Standardization Commission in 1992. It uses digital communication technology and unified network. Network standard ensures the quality of communication and can develop more new services for users to use. CODE DIVISION MULTIPLE ACCess: A new and mature wireless communication technology based on spread spectrum technology.

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