LED Display Screen Elementary Knowledge Part 3.

LED Display Screen Elementary Knowledge Part 3.

18. What is the plug-in module? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

The DIP package lamp passes the lamp foot through the PCB board and fills the tin in the lamp hole by welding. The module made by this process is the lamp insertion module. Its advantages are high brightness, good heat dissipation and low pixel density.

LED display screen module

19. What is the Tablepaste Module? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

SMT is also called SMT. SMT packaged lamp is welded on the surface of the PCB board by welding technology. The foot of the lamp does not need to pass through the PCB board. The module made by this technology is called SMT module. The advantages are good to display effect, high pixel density, suitable for indoor viewing; the disadvantage is that the brightness is not high enough, and the lamp tube itself does not heat well.

20. What is a sub-surface patch module? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Subtable sticker is a product between DIP and SMT. Its packaging surface of the LED lamp is the same as SMT, but its positive and negative pins are welded through PCB in production as DIP. Its advantages are: high brightness, good display effect, and disadvantage is: complex technology, difficult maintenance;

21. What is PCB?

PCB (printed circuit board abbreviation) printed circuit board

22. What is the unit LED video screen board specification?

The size of a unit plate usually expressed in terms of the length of the unit plate multiplied by the width, in millimetres. (48 x 244)

23. What is the LED video display resolution of the element plate?

The number of pixels in a cell board is usually expressed by multiplying the number of rows of the cell board pixels by the number of columns. (e.g. 64 x 32)

24. What is BOM?

BOM is Bill of material.

25. What is white balance and what is white balance regulation of a LED display wall?

We refer to the white balance, that is, the balance of the brightness ratio of RGB three colours; the adjustment of the brightness ratio of RGB three colours and the white coordinates is called the white balance adjustment.

LED Screen White Balance

26. What is the contrast?

Under certain ambient illumination, the ratio of maximum brightness to background brightness of LED display screen.

27. What is the colour temperature?

When the colour emitted by the light source is the same as that emitted by the black body at a certain temperature, the temperature of the black body is called the colour temperature of the light source.

28. What is the colour difference?

LED display panel is composed of red, green and blue to produce various colours, but these three colours are made of different materials, the perspective is different, the spectral distribution of different LEDs are changed, these differences can be observed are called chromatic aberration. When viewing the LED from a certain angle, its colour changes. The human eye's ability to judge the colour of the real picture (such as the film picture) is better than that of observing the computer-generated picture.

29. What is the frame change frequency?

The number of updates of screen information per unit time;

30. What is the refresh frequency?

The higher the refresh frequency is, the more stable the frequency image is. If there is no water ripple and no flicker when taking pictures with a camera, the refresh rate should be set at more than 600 Hz. Double-color display screen does not pursue the effect of the general set to 60-75HZ, the full-colour screen requires the effect of the general indoor screen set to 180-600 Hz, outdoor screen 300-1200 Hz.

31. What is the perspective? What is the LED display screen visual angle? What is the best perspective?

The viewing angle is when the brightness of the viewing direction decreases to 1/2 of the brightness of the normal line of the LED display screen. The angle between two observation directions and the normal direction in the same plane. It is divided into horizontal and vertical perspectives; the visual angle is just the direction in which the image content on the display screen can be seen, and the angle with the normal line of the display screen. The best angle of view is the angle between the direction of the clearest image content and the normal line.

32. What is the best visual distance?

It is the vertical distance between the clearest position of the image content and the screen body that can see the content on the screen exactly and completely without flat colour.

LED screen viewing distance

33. What are brightness detection and regulation of LED display screen?

Brightness in brightness detection refers to the ambient brightness of the LED display screen, which is detected by light sensors. This detection method is called brightness detection. Brightness in brightness adjustment refers to the brightness emitted by the LED display screen, and the detected data is fed back to the control system or computer of the LED display screen, and then adjusted according to this data. The brightness of the section display screen is called brightness adjustment.

34. What is the real pixel? What are virtual pixels? What are the virtual pixels? What is pixel sharing?

A real pixel refers to the relationship between the physical pixel points on the display screen and the actual pixel points displayed. How many points can the display screen actually have, and how many points can only display the image information. A virtual pixel refers to the relationship between the physical pixel number of the display screen and the actual pixel number of 1: N (N=2,4). It can display two or four times more image pixels than the actual pixel of the display screen. According to the virtual way, virtual pixels can be divided into software virtual and hardware virtual: according to the multiplier relationship, it can be divided into two times virtual and four times virtual, according to the lamp row square on a module. Formulas are divided into the 1R1G1B virtual and 2R1G1B virtual.

35. What is the constant current drive? What is a constant voltage drive?

Constant current refers to the current value specified in the design of constant output in the working environment allowed by driving IC. Constant voltage refers to the voltage value specified in the design of constant output in the working environment allowed by driving IC.

36. What is the general ratio of length to width of LED display?

Graphic screen: According to the content of the display; Video screen: generally 4:3 or close to 4:3; Ideal ratio is 16:9.

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