Narrow pitch LED video wall, how to choose the Right, Reliable and Quality type?

How to Choose a Right, Reliable and Quality narrow pitch LED video wall?

From the 2016 performance report issued by major LED display companies and various new products launched, it is not difficult to see that small spacing LED display is still the darling of the LED display industry, occupying an absolutely dominant position in the market. At the same time, with the popularization of small-spacing LED display technology and the reduction of product cost, more and more manufacturers have increased the investment of small-spacing LED display. Especially in the past two years, small-spacing LED products to emerge in endlessly. As a small spacing demander, how to choose so a small pixel pitch LED video display wall screen product?

Narrow pitch LED video wall screen

LED small spacing display products to emerge in endlessly, how to choose?

First of all, we need to consider the application areas of small spacing products, in order to be able to analyze and select what kind of small spacing products.

At present, the small spacing LED screen has four main application areas, namely smart city, military industry, commercial display and household.

I. Smart City

In the field of intelligent city construction, public safety, transportation, people's livelihood and so on are closely related to the use of LED display screen. With the characteristics of seamless, high contrast, good colour performance, high definition and low energy consumption, small spacing is very popular in the construction of smart cities and safe China. In the application scenarios of security monitoring, command and dispatch centre, traditional DLP has gradually been replaced by small spacing LED display screen.

II. Military Industry

With the development of information technology and the emphasis on military information construction, information power has become a new growth point of military combat effectiveness. Effective command and control have become the key to the army's victory over the enemy. Advanced digital display technology, seamless splicing technology of display unit, multi-screen image processing technology, signal switching technology, network technology and other scientific and technological means are integrated into an integrated whole. All kinds of information, image data, strategic azimuth map and field situation are magnified and displayed intuitively, real-time, omnidirectionally and quickly, and military exercises, combat command and auxiliary are flexibly realized. Complex functions such as assisting decision-making, organizing army training, video conferencing and real-time monitoring are integrated, which greatly promotes the visualization and intelligent construction of military information, and improves the efficiency and combat capability of the modern army.

In the field of military industry, the choice of the fine pitch high-definition LED display screen will be much harsh. First of all, we must have the certificate of military product quality system certification, military confidentiality qualification certification and other military industry related qualifications.

fine pitch COB LED video screen wall

III. Commercial LED Display

With the development of small spacing 4K resolution LED video wall display, with its own advantages, it can achieve super-large size, low power consumption, long life, and can meet the needs of a long-term continuous start-up operation. It has begun to be widely used in various areas of public information display, such as information bulletin boards in Hotel lobbies, airports, cinemas, hospitals, as well as enterprise conference rooms, Museum exhibitions, etc.

IV. Household Fields

At present, the small spacing LED display screen as a household TV product is still in the preliminary stage of testing water. As a household, the outstanding advantage of LED TV is the use of self-luminous technology, brightness, colour, refresh frequency are superior to LCD TV. Installation and maintenance are more convenient than projectors, and do not rely on the projection screen, even in a bright video room can be normal display. The main problem is that the cost is too high and the price of products with smaller spacing is higher. Compared with the existing LCD TV, although it has obvious advantages in size and power consumption, the price shortage is very obvious. Therefore, the most likely breakthrough of small spacing LED TV should be high-end villas and large-scale private cinemas. In the future, with the decrease in cost, the possibility of entering the common family living room also exists.

In summary, according to the current situation of the industry, the most competitive application areas are smart cities and commercial display. Only a few well-known manufacturers in the military industry meet the requirements, and the household field needs to be developed continuously.

4K UHD resolution LED video wall

What Silu shares with you today is the choice of small spacing products in smart cities and commercial display applications. The main points are as follows:

1. Comprehensive Strength of Manufacturers

As we all know, the cycle of small spacing projects from display design to after-sales service is generally longer. In this process, the company with strong comprehensive strength can escort you and help you solve all kinds of problems easily.

2. Physical Structure of Small Pitch Products

The physical structure of small spacing products includes appearance design and internal structure design. The space problem must be considered when installing small spacing products in the interior. Therefore, the box thickness of small spacing products should be thin, and it is better to be installed on the wall, wireless splicing and support the maintenance before and after. Of course, some specially designed indoor places need radian splicing, so we should consider when choosing products. To this point, however, most of the small spacing products on the market are to meet the small angle arc splicing. So the physical structure is also one of our key considerations in choosing products with small spacing.

LED small spacing display products to emerge in endlessly, how to choose?

Silu Intelligent Display LED Small Spacing Products-HCA Series

3. Display scheme suitable for oneself

There are many contents in the display scheme, such as site investigation, calculation of the area of LED display screen, configuration of display box (light source selection, sending card, receiving card, power supply, etc. selection of installation mode, selection of product accessories, selection of product functions power signal single, double backup) and so on.

4. Price

Relatively speaking, the price of narrow pitch LED video wall screen products is much higher than that of an ordinary LED display screen, which is also the focus of many consumers before buying. In fact, this is not difficult when you choose.

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