Transparent LED display screen get a rapid development from 2018

Transparent LED display screen get a rapid development from 2018

Transparent LED display screen, as its name implies, is like glass with the nature of light transmission. It is characterized by transparency. The traditional screen is impervious to light and wind, which causes many problems, such as for overweight screen, poor heat dissipation, complex structure, high power consumption, abrupt shape, and so on, thus giving birth to "transparent LED display". It has a permeability of 50% to 90%, and the thickness of the panel is only about 10 mm. Its high permeability is closely related to its special material, structure and installation mode.

The principle of transparent LED display screen is a micro-innovation of LED lamp bar screen. The fabrication process of the patch, lamp bead encapsulation and control system are improved. With the hollow-out design structure, the obstruction of structural parts to the line of sight is reduced, and the permeability and lighting performance is improved. Due to the particularity of glass curtain wall, window and other environments, LED transparent screen box is customized more. Giant colour source LED transparent screen simplifies the box design, reduces the keel width of the box and the fixed number of LED lamp bar support. The LED unit panel can be installed from behind the glass, the unit size can be customized according to the glass size, and has little influence on the lighting and perspective of the glass curtain wall, and is convenient for installation and maintenance.

Transparent LED display screen

What is led transparent LED display screen made of?

LED transparent display screen is like glass with lighting effect, it uses SMT patch manufacturing technology, bead packaging technology, at the same time, the control system has been targeted improvement; transparent LED display screen uses beads embedded in the lamp bar slot, so that the display effect is more stable, the perspective is wider, and the structure design is hollow-out shape, reducing the structural parts pair. The obstruction of the line of sight maximizes the permeability.

At present, LED transparent screen is mainly used in glass curtain wall, window, commercial display, Stage Dancing beauty, TV station, window, exhibition, jewellery store/sky curtain and other fields.

What are the characteristics of LED transparent display screen and glass LED curtain screen?

1. LED transparent screens with different structures to adopt SMD patch packaging technology to paste the lamp in the groove of PCB, which can customize the size of the module. LED transparent screens adopt side-paste positive luminescence technology. LED transparent screen, also known as glass curtain wall LED display screen, its common partners are glass curtain wall, glass window, etc., after power can play company promotional videos, pictures. The LED glass screen is a kind of high-end customized photoelectric glass, which uses transparent conductive technology and fixes the structure layer of LED between two layers of glass. It can draw different graphics according to different scenes (star, pattern, body shape and other fashionable graphics).

2. Installation and operation of LED transparent screen can install most of the building glass curtain wall, compatibility is very strong. Transparent LED display screen can be hoisted, mounted and a single installation. The installation of the LED glass screen is to reserve the installation position when designing the building beforehand, and then the building glass is installed on the glass skeleton. There is no way to install the existing glass curtain wall. The installation of the LED glass screen is the installation of building glass in the construction of glass curtain wall, which is inconvenient for maintenance.

3. Product weight LED transparent screen products are light and transparent, PCB thickness is only 1-4 mm, screen weight is 12 kg/. LED glass screen products with light-emitting glass, glass weight of 28 kg/.

4. Maintenance and maintenance of transparent LED screen are convenient and fast, saving manpower, material and financial resources. LED glass screen can hardly be maintained. It needs to dismantle the structure of existing buildings, replace the whole glass screen, and the maintenance cost is heavy.

Transparent LED Curtain Screen

Is the LED transparent LED screen completely transparent?

In fact, LED transparent screen is not completely transparent. Many netizens are misunderstood by their names. It mainly improves the transparency of the LED display screen through some technologies, making the display screen closer to transparency. For example, the most common glass curtain wall transparent LED curtain display screen is installed inside the glass curtain wall. In some high-rise buildings, shopping malls and other glass curtain walls, LED transparent screen cannot be seen outside. Yes, it's the same as it's not installed, but when the display is lit up, you can see a very clear and gorgeous picture. And it will not affect the lighting and ventilation inside these high-rise buildings and shopping malls. This is what the reality calls a transparent LED screen.

What's the Role of LED Transparent LED Curtain Video Wall Screen?

1. Selling commodities

Visitors can directly see the latest and hottest commodity information through the window LED display screen, which directly stimulates the desire to buy, thus increasing the attention rate and the rate of entering stores, and promoting the sales of commodities. (Giant Color Source

2. Fixed Advertising

After the installation of window LED transparent screen has been completed, it becomes a fixed advertising space in the shop. After that, it often promotes and publicizes to bring the benefits of advertising into play.

3. Publishing Information

Shopkeepers can use LED transparent window screens to publish daily promotional information, such as membership, discounts, etc.

4. Attract attention

The LED transparent screen in the window is a transparent LED screen pasted on the fashionable window. The advertising model has changed from static to dynamic. The unique and eye-catching design is very attractive.

Glass LED Curtain Display

How to Maintain a Transparent LED Display Screen

1. The power supply of the LED transparent screen should be stable and the grounding protection should be good.

2. In severe natural conditions such as strong thunder and lightning weather and typhoon, it should not be used as far as possible.

3. The transparent LED video wall screen itself is not waterproof, so water entry is strictly prohibited. The sealing of protective glass curtain wall, window and so on must be guaranteed to be good.

4. Do not place the LED transparent screen in the environment with more dust or more conductive metals such as iron powder.

5. If water enters the screen due to various reasons, the power shall be cut off immediately and the maintenance personnel shall be notified. Complete inside the screen, lamp, etc.

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