LED traffic guidance screen and the various applications

What`s the LED traffic guidance screen?

Full-color LED display is the crystallization of scientific and technological wisdom in this era. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, indoor LED display has become a part of our life. Today, let's talk about the common traffic guidance screen.

LED traffic guidance screen

1. Guidance finger (alarm) display

In order to ensure the safety of highway construction workers and vehicles and other vehicles running normally, highway operation vehicles must be equipped with striking high brightness signs to warn and guide follow-up other vehicles to avoid accidents. The guiding warning traffic LED screen is the necessary equipment for construction vehicles on the expressway.

2. Service Display Screen

Service LED display screen (LED traffic guidance screen)refers to the LED equipment installed in the toll station area and service area to provide various services and publicity. Through toll plaza, parking lot in the service area and all kinds of LED display screen installed indoors, all kinds of information such as real-time road condition and service help can be provided to past passengers, so as to facilitate the travel of passengers, improve the management level and external image of the road section.

Traffic Service LED Display

3. Variable Speed Limiting Display Panel

Variable speed limit LED displays are mostly located in some key sections of complex road conditions or super-large bridges, mostly in a circular or single-arm suspension single screen. The remote control is implemented by the computer of the monitoring centre through the communication network, which transmits and displays the speed limit mileage or short traffic information of the section, and plays the role of promoting the vehicle to drive at the speed limit and ensuring the traffic safety.

4. Portal Frame Variable Display Screen

The portal-type variable information screen is the main mode of information dissemination in the expressway. Because of its large volume, the cross-road gantry is generally used as the support of the variable electronic display screen. The main monitoring computer carries out remote control through the communication network, transmits and displays various graphics and text information, and timely releases different pavement of different sections to drivers. The situation and all kinds of traffic information, as well as the publicity of traffic laws and regulations and traffic knowledge, can reduce the repetitive congestion of expressways, reduce the impact of non-repetitive accidents on expressways, and improve traffic safety, so as to effectively guide traffic and improve the efficiency of Expressway use.

Traffic Cross LED System

5. Mobile Traffic Information Screen

In the construction and maintenance of expressway, the expressway authorities or construction personnel temporarily close or change lanes. How to inform road users of traffic information is very important. Fixed variable intelligence board is limited by the uncertainty of road construction site or the long distance, so it is not easy to play its role. The mobile LED traffic information screen (high brightness LED traffic screen) is small, flexible and light, suitable for installation in Trailer motor vehicles, can be placed at any time and anywhere in the target site to display directly, to make up for the shortcomings of the fixed variable intelligence board.

The most common one is led traffic display, which always reminds us to observe traffic rules and pay attention to safety, and has made outstanding contributions to the construction of civilized cities. Now, do you know what led traffic guidance screen has?

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