Small Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall Screen Rapidly Developing In the Near Years

Small Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall Screen Rapidly Developing In the Near Years

Before we understand the principle of small pixel pitch LED video wall display screen, we need to know what is the small pixel pitch display screen. Literally, it is led display screen with small pixel pitch less than 2mm. So how small is the pitch? This definition is relative, not feel, then why say so? As early as in 2014, when the P4mm LED display screen at the one-time pitch is even a small pixel pitch LED display, making an indoor P6mm full-colour display screen or indoor P5mm  LED full-colour screen is a very good one.

Small Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall Screen

And 2018 is the year of the blowout of small-pitch LED display, which mainly benefits from the development of LED lamp-bead technology. Small-size lamp-bead technology is more and more mature and the quality is more and more stable. Now the display screen with less than P2 spacing is called small-spacing led display. At present, the main types of popular market exchange are P2mm LED display, P1.923mm LED display, P1.875mm LED display, P1.6mm LED display, P1.56mm LED display, P1.25mm very small pixel pitch LED display and even P0.9mm & P0.7mm extremely narrow pitch LED displays.

Principle of Small Pitch LED Display Screen

The principle of small spacing LED display is mainly to use small size beads, such as SMD 1515 or SMD 1010 beads, to narrow the distance between the beads. PCB boards are designed with four or six layers of circuit boards, and the box is made of die-cast aluminium material. All the designs are to ensure the quality and stability of LED small spacing display products.

Ultra High-Definition LED Video Wall

Main Characteristics of Small Fine Pitch HD LED Display Screen

A. Modular unit design, the whole screen is truly "seamless".

Especially when it is used to broadcast news topics or hold video conferencing, people will not be segmented by stitching. At the same time, when WORD, EXCEL and PPT are often played in the conference room environment of the LED display screen, they will not be confused by the splitting line and the form separator, thus causing misunderstanding and misjudgment of the content.

B. The colour and brightness of the whole narrow pixel pitch LED display screen with small pitch has high consistency and uniformity and can be corrected point by point.

It completely avoids the common phenomena of projection fusion, LCD/PDP flat panel splicing, DLP splicing, such as dark angle, dark edge, patching, etc. after a certain period of time. Especially for the "visual" analysis charts, graphics and other "pure background" content in conference display, the small spacing HD LED display scheme has incomparable advantages.

C. The intelligent adjustment from 0 to 1200 cd/is supported for the whole small pixel pitch LED video wall screen brightness with small spacing, which is fully adapted to various indoor display environments.

Fine Narrow Pitch But Close Viewing Distance

Characteristics of Small Pixel Pitch LED Lamps

(1) 4-PIN RGB package, chip alignment;

(2) Using black encapsulated substrate to improve colour contrast;

(3) The product is light in weight, and the weight of a single LED is less than 1.0 mg.

(4) Full black RGB package can be realized with 25% optical loss.

(5) Small size 0.5*0.5 mm RGB package can be realized.

(6) The surface of the product is treated with fog, and the screen glows softer.

(7) Smaller pitch high-definition video wall display.

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