Transparent LED Display Video Wall Project and Solution

Transparent LED Display Video Wall Project and Solution

Through several years of development, the transparent screen is becoming more and more stable, and the application market is gradually taking shape. Among them, commercial complex applications account for the vast majority. So how can transparent LED displays be better used in commercial complexes?

I. The Background Information for Transparent LED Display

At the end of the last century, the full-colour LED display was born, which was brilliant, but the traditional screen was heavy and criticized. Subsequently, the major manufacturers improved their product technology, promoted the birth of bar curtain, relying on 10% - 50% of the permeability, lighter and thinner performance of the traditional screen has a certain impact. Ten years ago, market segmentation led to the emergence of grid screens. Although the penetration rate has not improved, the cost-effective ratio is good. The continuous development and evolution of technology have promoted the birth of transparent screen. Transparent LED display screen is a new thing in recent years. Silu has devoted itself to the research and development and production of the transparent screen since 2015. It has a history of 4 years and has accumulated rich experience in project implementation.

Transparent LED Display Video Wall Project and Solution

II. Application of Transparent Screen in Commercial Complex

1. Application of Glass Curtain Wall

The application of the glass curtain wall is one of the most common applications of transparent LED screen, and with the increasing popularity of glass curtain wall, the application has increased significantly. The structure of the glass curtain wall is more complex, which is generally divided into point-supported, component-based and all-glass structures. The best time for the transparent screen to intervene is before the design of the glass curtain wall is completed. Through the pre-planning of glass curtain wall structure, transparent screen and glass curtain wall can be better integrated.

Transparent LED display has high permeability, green and energy saving. It can be used in combination with a glass curtain wall. It can be installed invisibly without affecting lighting and viewing line of view in the room, so as to achieve the effect of brightening the glass curtain wall. It participates in the exhibition window which is of vital importance to architecture and has strong commercial flavour. From the perspective of curtain wall and new media, it takes user experience as the leading factor, integrates gorgeous splendour into the design concept of architecture, maintains the purity of architectural facade, and completes the infinite continuation of commercial exhibition life.

2. Application of indoor atrium

Indoor atrium application is a popular application method in recent years. Transparent screen installed in atrium position has advanced artistic beauty, fashion, atmosphere and taste. Transparent LED displays have been frequently used as the focus of the world's top designers in their works to enhance the taste and style of the works. Silu`s transparent screen creatively solves the problems of ceiling type LED display such as limited load-bearing, spatial stress analysis, engineering safety, high installation cost, complex steel structure and so on. It makes the ceiling LED display of atrium more beautiful, just like fine art.

Atrium lifting the transparent screen, whether lit or not, is visible to the naked eye, so more attention is paid to aesthetics and design, more attention to shape and uniqueness, create a new label of space art screen display. It takes the environment and decorative art as its theme, integrates commercial buildings, business operations, advertising and other aspects, effectively shapes the brand image of enterprises, helps to publicize commodities, and has become a temporary new marketing and promotion model.

Transparent LED display screen

3. Application of Glass Shop Window

Glass window application is the transparent screen application of large window glass and floor glass. The scenes are mainly brand chain stores, watch stores, jewellery stores, restaurants and so on. Due to the limitation of environmental size, the installation area of transparent screen used in glass window is not large, and the pixel spacing with higher clarity is often used. At the same time, the application environment usually needs to take into account the permeability, so the horizontal and vertical spacing is often different. Transparent LED glass screen has changed the traditional propaganda mode of the glass window, making the advertising mode change from static to dynamic, and transmitting high-definition visual advertising information to consumers. The display of shops is at a glance, thus greatly improving the store entry rate and turnover rate.

Silu transparent LED display has the advantages of high transparency, invisible installation, green energy-saving, non-shielding lighting and so on. It can customize the size and shape of the glass curtain wall, easily match all kinds of glass curtain wall environment, and has strong adaptability. In the future, transparent LED display will be more widely used in the field of commercial complexes, and its development potential is huge. (Transparent LED Display Video Wall Project and Solution)

Glass window transparent LED screen

LED grid screen and LED curtain screen

LED grid screen and LED curtain screen are mainly used in the main LED display screen, main landscape screen and dazzling effect in the central stage of indoor performance.


(1) High-density, high-definition display;

(2) It has a photosensitive control system, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the display screen according to the changes of indoor and outdoor light. It not only saves energy and protects the environment, greatly reduces your operating cost, but also makes the audience more acceptable.

(3) The product has a set of low-power solutions, which can save 1/3 of the original energy when the display is running, and further greatly reduce your operating costs.

(4) It has high refresh rate and high grey level, which makes the LED display more realistic, meets the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use, meets the needs of shooting in different occasions, and effectively avoids the flickering phenomenon during shooting.

(5) It has the function of brightness and colour correction point by point, which can enrich the screen displayed by LED, meet the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use, and make different batches of screens mixed use;

(6) It is equipped with professional audio and video processing system, which supports the processing of various signals on stage, guarantees the quality of signal processing and makes it possible to play high-fidelity image signals.

(7) It has the function of double-wire hot backup. Two computers control one screen at the same time. When one computer has problems, another computer automatically takes over to ensure the normal operation of the display screen.

(8) It is not only convenient to install and disassemble but also cost-effective, suitable for the large-scale manufacturing stage background.

(9) It has the characteristics of light, thin, thick and transparent design, convenient installation, wind and rain resistance, large area landscaping, and is suitable for environmental beautification.

(10) The curtain screen is easy to install, wind and rain-proof, suitable for large-scale landscape and colour transformation, and has become the most important and effective expression element of digital stage and bar.

(11) Supporting the signal line to move in any direction, satisfying different box arrangement and placement, in order to create different effects of the screen;

(12) Equipped with various specifications of the airbox, which is convenient for storage and transportation of the box, and has played a very good role in protecting the LED display screen;

(13) The outdoor model has good waterproofing effect, IP65 protection grade, suitable for use in the outdoor environment.

Transparent LED Glass

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